Didikan Keras Seorang Ayah Jadi Ingatan Seumur Hidup

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Father drags son naked through streets for breaking computer ban.A furious father pulled his son out of a cyber cafe by his hair, stripped him naked and dragged him home by his feet after the game-addicted teenager disobeyed a computer ban. Lu Tan, 39, said he had warned son Xiaomeng, 14, dozens of times not to play computer games, adding: 'I threw the computer in the bin because he spent all his time in his room doing no work - but then when I came home from work I found he had gone to the internet cafe.' 

He stormed into the cafe at Hechi city, in Guagnxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in southern China and dragged his son out in front of his friends. One eyewitness said: 'He began to beat the boy, who was calling for mercy, but he said he wanted to show everyone how worthless the boy wasand dragged him home after stripping him and tying up his hands.

'Someone called the police but they did not intervene - the man said the boy had stolen money to go net surfing.' Tan told police: 'Xiaomeng's mother passed away when he was only 9 months old. I have brought him up. I worked hard to support the family. 

'My hope of my son is not great but I want him to live in the real world, to be a real person. I have told him surfing the web is a bad thing many times but he never listened. I beat him because I don't want him to be ruined by the web.'

P/s : Sedegil-degil aku, aku dengar gak cakap mak bapak aku. Takut woo jadi macam ni.