10 Mistakes people make when trying to get your ExBack

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Remember : Don’t make these fatal mistakes!

Here, are the top ten mistakes people make when trying to get your ex back.

1. Crying and acting needy. Yes, breaking up hurts. This is especially true if the couple has been together for a while. But, crying and begging your ex to stay with you will simply make you look small and weak in their eyes. It would be far better to give an outward appearance of accepting the breakup and bide your time until cooler heads prevail and you can talk to him calmly.

2. Demanding to know what happened that caused the breakup can push your ex away fast. If your ex offers any explanation, simply accept it rather than pushing your ex to give a reason that you think you can fix and reverse his decision. The truth is that men and women do not think the same way, so, it is likely that his reason will not make sense to you. However, the best thing to do is accept it and move on.

3. One of the worst mistakes made is giving your ex deadlines and ultimatums. The truth is that 99 percent of the time the threats are empty. Besides, if he broke up with you, you are in the weaker position, making threats and ultimatums appear weak and desperate.

4. Text messaging your ex on the cell phone may look like a convenient way to communicate and try to get him back. However, the odds are that all that will happen is that you wind up arguing in short snippets of text where you each try to cut the other deeper. The best bet is to leave off texting and wait until the opportunity to speak in person presents itself.

5. Acting desperate and clingy will never get your ex back. If you want to get their attention, act strong and get on with your life without them. This will arouse curiosity and make your ex wonder what you are up to, opening the door for you to communicate after you are both calmed down. Acting as if your entire world revolves around your ex will push your ex away.

6. Involving a third party to speak to your ex for you is a sure way to drive them away for good. One of your friends approaching your ex and trying to talk you up will just make them mad because they will assume you have shared all of your little secrets that couples share. His friends will be more interested in looking out for his best interests, meaning they probably would not speak for you anyway.

7. Flirting with others, especially your ex’s friends, to make them jealous will surely backfire. They are likely to see this as a sign that he never meant that much to you. Plus, if you are flirting with one of his friends who flirts back, it could bring that friendship to an abrupt end.

8. Spying on an ex or running into your ex repeatedly at odd places will not get your ex back. In fact, it will likely creep them out and make you look like an obsessed stalker. You may convince yourself that your motives are pure, but that is not how you will be seen.

9. Many women think that sleeping with their ex is a good way to get him to come back to them. Unfortunately, many men see sex as just sex. They may take advantage of what is offered, but that remains separate from the feelings. This can lead to a great deal of pain for the woman when she wakes up the next morning and he is still gone.

10. Unfortunately, one of the first impulses we feel when we get hurt is to hurt the person back. Revenge, in any form, will only drive another wedge between you. It certainly cannot bring a relationship back together. Of all the top ten mistakes people make when trying to get your ex boyfriend back, trying to "get even" is possibly the worst.