Symbian Mobile Phone Task Manager Alternative

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Here is a suitable alternative Symbian task manager. The purpose of the Symbian task manager, is a program that allows us to manage all the Open Tasks that Open in our Mobile Phone / Handphone.
One of Symbian Task Manager Alternative is JBAK taskman.

With task manager, we will be able to:

1. Manage all tasks / Opening Programs that run on our Mobile Phone / Handphone Devices
2. Allows us to rule Some programson Mobile Phone / Handphone, so the programs can kill it self, or can run itself automati cally.
3. Allows us to give Some programs to automated run at Mobile Phone / Handphone Startup.
4. You can Kill and run all applications and systems.
5. Have Restart abilities to restarting Mobile Phone / Handphone devices. So You Can restart the device by this task manager.
6. We can see the available spaces of Mobile Phone / Handphone RAM memory, We can see the available space of Mobile Phone / Handphone Internal Memory, and the We can see the available space of the Mass Memory / Memory Card.
7. Not only that, we can also see Mobile Phone / Handphone information systems,
Information abot networks, and even the information of Satus Batteries.

Download Jbak TaskMan Here